Conditions of Entry

  1. Non-web entries must be on our Registration Form or a copy of same.
  2. Entries must be fully completed and duly signed by each rider/entrant or (if aged under 18) by the rider’s parent or guardian.
  3. The Rotary Club of Dungog PedalFest Committee reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry at any time.
  4. All riders must comply with the instructions of the Police or Identified officials at all times.
  5. All riders must at all times follow the approved route as set out by The Rotary Club of Dungog PedalFest Committee, and unless directed by Police or an identified official will not undertake any variation of the route at any time.
  6. All riders agree that their involvement in Dungog PedalFest is at their own risk.
  7. The Rotary Club of Dungog PedalFest Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage, personal or otherwise, in any event.
  8. Riders under 14 years of age, must be accompanied by a cycling adult.

Declaration & Waiver

I, the entrant and any family members registered with me, acknowledge and agree that in consideration of and as a condition of acceptance of my/our entry in Dungog PedalFest (“PedalFest”), for myself/ourselves, my/our heirs, executors, and administrators,

I/we hereby waive all and any claim, right or cause of action which I/we or they might otherwise have, arising out of my/ our injury or loss of life, damage or loss of any description whatsoever which I/we may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequence upon my/ our entry or participation in PedalFest.

I/we understand that participation in PedalFest involves cycling on public roads used by other traffic and am/are aware of the hazards involved. I attest that I and any family members registered with me am/are physically fit and that my/our bicycles will be in sound mechanical condition at all times during my/our participation in PedalFest.

While riding during PedalFest, I/we agree to:

  1. Wear a Standards Approved cycling helmet;
  2. Abide by the road rules;
  3. Obey the directions of Police officers and identified officials;
  4. Ride with care for others on the road;

In my judgement I/we have, and any family members registered with me/us have, sufficient confidence and experience to safely participate in PedalFest. This waiver, release and discharge operates separately in favour of all persons, corporations and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in promoting or staging PedalFest and the servants, agents, representatives and officers of any of them, and includes but is not limited to the Dungog Rotary Club, the PedalFest Organising Committee and any associated sponsor, any medical and paramedical practitioners and personnel, and the Police Service of New South Wales whether or not the loss, injury or damage is attributable to the act or neglect of any one or more of them.

I/we have read the Conditions of Entry and Declaration and I/we agree to conform to all elements of them. NOTE: If more than one adult is registering for PedalFest on web site, then each adult must agree to this Declaration. If the proposed PedalFest participant is under 18 years old, then a parent or guardian must agree on their behalf.

Each adult participant is required to confirm that they have read and understand the conditions of entryand declarations and waiver and agree to comply with same by accepting this online declaration above